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The History of association

The Boxing and Kickboxing Association "New Stars" was founded in 2002 by Dmitry Zapolskiy. 
The most important reason for creating the absolutely new sports movement was the problems of development of Ukrainian sports,  such as lack of funding for training Ukrainian athletes, holding serious sporting events etc. 

The idea to organize the boxing and kickboxing association belongs to Dmitry Zapolskiy, a chief coach of NTUU KPI boxing and kickboxing joint team. The association should combine promising and talented youth, highly qualified coaching staff and competent management oriented to the current situation in sport and business area.

An active interest in Ukrainian boxing was mostly caused by the victories of the famous Ukrainian boxers favours the athletic achievements of the student sport. Gradually this idea has transformed into youth association concept. The companions, young sportsmen, skilled coaches such as vice-president of association Yuriy Dmytrenko, Alexander Gnykytskiy, Pavel Tretiakov, Alexander Davidenko, Andrew Shelest, Oleg Zaglada, Alex Kozetov, boxers as Alexander Likhosherst, Dmitry Priyma, Denis Zhalyuk, Igor Shabelnik, etc. gathered round Dmitriy Zapolskiy. It was the very beginning of the international activity. After lengthy negotiations Dmitriy has become the official representative of the World Kickboxing Union, WKU in Ukraine. Mario Hempert, the president of the WKU came to Ukraine to hold  a final meeting and hand to Dmitriy all the necessary documents.
Since Ukraine became the member of WKU the friendly relations with another organization’s members such as Great Britain, Germany, Hungary, Iran have been established. 
The Association symbol is blue-and-red circle (the symbol of the two opposing forces) divided by lightning and surrounded by stars (lightning is a symbol of energy, stars are the new talents, boxing gloves on the background of contrasting circle symbolize sport rivalry)

The Association consists of many branches and representatives in the regions of Ukraine. Also the new relations have been established with Russian colleagues. We pay great attention to organizing the new sports competitions. Such competitions should become an interesting and exciting show for the audience. Besides the wide range of sportsmen we also invite famous showmen, artists and DJ to these competitions.

Talking about Association “New Star” want to draw your attention that besides developing Ukrainian sport its members have another significant goal – to prevent Ukrainian youth from the widespread social evils like drug addiction, crime, alcoholism etc via publicity of healthy way of life.
The Association “New stars” believes in youth which is the future of our society. You too believe.